Skin Glow Mask & Jade roller

Skin Glow Mask & Jade roller

Illuminate your skin with a glow mask and the Jade  skin roller . 

Includes: Sleeping Mask Aloe Vera 
50 g.

Jade skin roller 

Cosmetic mesh bag 


1. Helps improve the skin's blood circulation. 
2. Instantly sculpts and contours. 
3. Helps reduce puffiness. 4. Improves elasticity and promotes cell turnover. 
5. Aids in product penetration. 
6. Helps to relieve facial muscle tension. 
7. Adds abundant moisture
8. Gently exfoliates dry skin 

How We Roll: 
1. Follow your daily cleansing ritual, applying Elite serum.
2. Gently roll the Jade Roller across your forehead, cheeks, jaw and neck. 
3. Use under the Eyes to target the more delicate areas around your eyes and mouth. 

Rehydrates & Nourishes.
The ingredients penetrate more deeply as you sleep. 

Recommended for :
All skins types especially dehydrated skin. 
Great for scarring and firming.
Tightens up the pores.
Assists with Puffiness under eyes. 


Natural organic Aloe Vera, Neroli, Jojoba, Rosehip, Camilla Green tea, Chamomile. 


Use the mask sparingly apply on clean skin. Boost your skin for 10 minutes then rinse  or leave overnight and then rinse. 

Australian Made Vegan Cruelty free Non toxic