RECOVERY SERUM                                         

     ( Antioxidant)

    A replenishing serum, absorbs easlity into the skin a calming blend, heals, restores and nourishes. 


    Suitable for acne, oily  & combination skin, helps with open pores and blackheads. Also soothes redness and sensitivity. 


    Great for acne!

    This formual is anti-bacterial, stops the skin infection spreading.


    Directions: Cleanse with Bamboo Charcoal Konjac, then apply sparingly massage a few drops into the skin every night. 



    Jojoba, Wheatgerm, Rosehip. Pumpkin seed oil, Coconut Oil, Lavender & Carrot seed, Chamomile essential oils 


    Non-greasy Formula -Sulphur Free- Non-toxic- Not testing on animals



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