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Bamboo Charcoal Konjac Sponge
  • Bamboo Charcoal Konjac Sponge

    Premium quality 100% Natural Konjac Face sponge is extremely soft and very gentle on your skin.
    The natural Konjac fibres gently exfoliate and cleanse your skin removing dead skin cells while promoting blood circulation which rejuvenates and refreshes your skin, giving you the radiance and healthful glow.
    Elite Natural Konjac facial sponge is infused with Bamboo charcoal and is fragrance free, paraben free, sulphate free and contains no chemicals or additives of any kind.
    Packed with mineral-rich charcoal powder, our Konjac Sponge with Bamboo Charcoal cleanses deep into pores to eliminate blackheads and dirt whilst absorbing excess oils and toxins. A natural anti-oxidant, it kills stubborn acne-causing bacteria and is an effective treatment for spot-prone skin.
    If you have combinational skin/oily skin/acne prone skin, you should try our Skin recovery pack.  Suitable for all skin types. Certified Vegan Cruelty Free Cleanses & exfoliates 100% natural plant fibre. Use with or without cleanser 100% colouring & additive-free
    See our Recovery pack designed for combination, oily & acne skins.
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    Winner of Retailers Choice Award 2016 for best Health Beauty Natural Products.

      As bamboo is actually a type of grass, it is extremely fast growing and a 100% sustainable resource. Naturally antibacterial and anti-fungal, our bamboo charcoal contains activated carbon and minerals which have been used for centuries to absorb toxins, remove excess oils and fight bacteria.


      Our pure Konjac is free from chemicals, colouring, additives and irritants. 100% biodegradable and fully sustainable, this moisture-rich plant fibre is lovingly hand-blended with natural volcanic water to create our powerful sponges.


      The Konjac potato or Konnyaku is a perennial plant native to Asia and can be found growing wild at very high altitudes. A totally natural food source, Konjac is 97% water, rich in mineral goodness and low in calories. The plant is naturally alkaline, which leaves skin perfectly balanced.

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